Paulette E. Martin,  Episcopal Diocese of Texas website:

"Icons in Transformation Exhibit Inspires Hope and Wonder to Visitors

Walking through the long entry way at St. Thomas the Apostle, Nassau Bay, one can’t help but be in awe of the colorful and captivating art pieces hanging from the ceiling and on the walls. In the foyer, a huge contemporary crown of thorns shimmers in azure and gold and beyond four-by eight-foot panels hang above the pews inside the church with other, smaller pieces displayed on the surrounding walls..."   Read More

Reverend Viktoria Gotting, St. John's Episcopal Church, LaPorte Texas

"I was moved by it all.  It was sheerly beautiful.  I was inspired to speak about it in both services today and do expect to be at the [upcoming] concert.  There will also be those who come to visit over the months to come.  St. Thomas has done a grand community service by bringing substantial art to this area ... where families and especially children in some of our communities never have an opportunity to engage in the creative works.  It is a truly holy thing.  Not just this exhibition, but this offering.